Don’t Let Your Digital Marketing Suffer Because of Poor Landing Pages


Anyone Can Build a Great Digital Marketing Campaign, But It’s About Where You Direct the Traffic Once You’ve Generated it. CODEMAY Clicks Gives You the Ability to Easily Customize Landing Pages for Any Digital Campaign.

Increase Your Digital Results by Increasing Your Conversions


Average landing pages convert about 5% of your campaign’s traffic into leads. CODEMAY Clicks landing pages typically convert between 10% & 15%. That’s the difference between successful campaigns, and campaigns that flop.

Landing Page Styles for Any Marketing Objective


It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to generate leads, or simply provide product information, CODEMAY Clicks landing pages can be tailored to fit any style. Simply add or remove content as you see fit. 

Designed to Match Any Style

CODEMAY Clicks landing pages were designed to blend in with any style. Just choose the template that works for you, and you can customize everything including colors, images, and copy. No more landing pages that look like a middle school design project. 

Always Optimized for Mobile Viewing


With 75% of internet traffic coming from mobile devices, nothing kills a landing page more than not being optimized for mobile viewing. Every CODEMAY Clicks landing page is designed with mobile viewing in mind.

Not Great At Design? We Can Help!


Designing an amazing landing page isn’t always easy, and sometimes it’s a little difficult to make your vision a reality. Our designers, the very same ones that design our amazing CODEMAY websites, can design a landing page perfectly suited to your marketing needs.

We’d Love to Show You How Our Landing Pages Can Help Your Digital Marketing, So How About a Product Demo and a Free Trial?


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